What are the pharmacy hours?

Our store, including the Pharmacy and Home Medical Equipment Department, is open Monday through Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm

What is the pharmacy telephone number?

Our telephone number is 610-644-3880. Press option 1 to refill a prescription or press option 0 for personal assistance.

Where in the store is the pharmacy located?

The pharmacy is down aisle 1 in the rear of the store.

How do I transfer a prescription?

Our staff can transfer your prescription from another pharmacy to our pharmacy quickly and effortlessly. Please call the pharmacy with the details of the prescription(s) you are needing transferred and from where and we will handle the rest!

Where is the Medical Equipment Department Located?

Our Medical Equipment Department is located on the 2nd floor of our store. There are stairs at the front of the store to the left of the front entrance or a handicap accessible elevator located in aisle 1.

Is your store handicap accessible?

Yes. There is handicap parking available if you drive to the end of our lot- there are signs that will direct you where to go. There are no stairs to access the store from these spots. Once inside the store, there is an elevator in aisle 1 that you may use to access our Home Medical Equipment Department on the 2nd floor.

Where is the entrance and parking located?

The main entrance of our store as well as parking is located in the rear of the building. Turn onto Longecorse Lane to access the parking lot.